Welcome to Becoming a Voice.
Our mission is simple: save thousands of young children from sexual exploitation.
Our founder, Shriya Boppana, started this journey when she was 15. Imagine saying, “I want to stop child sex trafficking,” as a child. But that path has led her down 9 years of watching young girls jump from the rooftops of survivor clinics because they found out their families or spouses sold them into sexual slavery. 9 years of women brought into the states illegally, locked in hotel rooms, and pimped out every night over WhatsApp. 9 years of watching trafficked kids in court lose their mothers to deportation.
But in spite of the bad, here is the progress we made over those 9 years:
⭐️ Served as an ambassador for the Save our Stars Foundation. Our HIV/AIDS clinic for female and child survivors of trafficking is currently serving hundreds in rural Samgha, Nepal.
⭐️ Went undercover to bust black market human trafficking rings in Gurgaon, Delhi rescuing about 6 children every month since 2021
⭐️ Hosted a TV show, “Becoming a Voice with Shriya Boppana,” on Fox 5 Plus spotlighting social justice causes with depth such as refugee crisis, acid attacks, sexual assaults, neurocognitive illnesses, and identity dysmorphia. I was lucky to be joined by some incredible voiced like Deja Foxx of the Kamala Harris Campaign and Maria Thattil, Miss Universe Australia, all the way to Jared Isaacman of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 and reach 6.2 million households in the DMV
⭐️ Hosted a workshop at the 2021 United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Leadership Summit on gender-based violence in media
⭐️ Partnered with the US Department of Justice on the DC Human Trafficking Task Force saving close to a hundred women in 7 trafficking cases near the Capital
⭐️ Joined the Obama Foundation and Michelle Obama’s Girls Opportunity Alliance to raise hundreds of thousands in funds for young girls In Africa, India, and the Middle East to pursue education
⭐️ Teamed up with famous actress, Brooke Shields, to take over her Instagram page (with a following of 1.3 Million) to raise awareness for sexual health education for the #GirlsGetLoud Campaign
⭐️ Partnered with the popular beauty brand, Bobbi Brown, for their Pretty Powerful Campaign on a mission to empower young girls
⭐️ Served as a Youth Ambassador for She’s the First after 3 years as the President of the Carnegie Mellon University campus chapter garnering over 4000 community services hours in 4 years
⭐️ Created the She's The First official video entry to the Project for Awesome charity livestream by award-winning authors and content creators, John and Hank Green on Youth Leadership In change making
⭐️ Featured on the Malala Fund’s publication, Assembly for my work ensuring representation of 50% non-White, LGBTQ+ and/or non-cisgender casts in reality TV with Nickelodeon and AwesomenessTV
⭐️ Held sexual assault clinics in partnership with Bachpan Save the Innocence in India. Together we have sensitized 6000+ individuals at 320+ orphanages, schools, slums, and colleges with over 10 different programs. Programs include teaching children about safe and unsafe touch, consent and puberty, digital safety, cybercrime, sexual abuse, and trafficking
⭐️ Created Title IX initiatives with Pittsburgh's Sexual Assault and Rape Violence organization in partnership with Planned Parenthood
⭐️ Protested against the Westboro Baptist Church's anti-gay legacy
⭐️ Gave a TedX talk highlighting the dangers of psychological media distortion through the lens of acid attacks and domestic violenc
In a couple years, this cause will encompass more than half a lifetime of dedication to saving young lives. Together, we aim to create any resources that help aid gender and sex crime advocacy around the world💖
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